Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Enterprises TV and the Warning Signs of Identity Theft

In light of the recent data hacking which affected customers of Target and Neiman Marcus, Enterprises TV reviews the warning signs of identity theft for readers.

Every company – large and small – should have some sort of Information Technology staff on hand. They can be in-house or contracted. These professionals are responsible for making sure corporate networks are safe from hack attacks and secure for their customer base. If not, then a data breach like the one mentioned above, will occur and loss of sales and customers should be expected.

Enterprises TV offers some warning signs that their accounts have been compromised by a hack attack below.

  • Charges not made by the consumer show up on account statements.  Look for small charges since thieves often test stolen account information using small charges.
  • If there is an unknown charge on the account, contact the card company and ask them to issue a fraud alert on it.

  • Unknown credit cards and statements show up in the mail. Contact the issuing card company immediately before any more theft in your name occurs.

  • You get collection notices or calls for bad debt that you know you didn’t incur. Find out which accounts are affected and contact those companies right away.

  • You see errors on your credit report. American consumers are allowed to request a copy of their credit reports once a year for no cost. Do this three times a year viewing one report every four months. If you notice something strange or suspicious, file an alert right there online.

Take time now to secure all financial accounts with safe passwords. Create a new one for each account and make it hard to hack using a long combination of uppercase letters, numbers, lower case letters and symbols. Never store passwords on your computer. Do not check the box which asks if you want that website to remember you. Write the log in clues in a notebook and keep it someplace convenient. The security of your personal data is valuable and those who want to steal it know it. Make it difficult by being vigilant with all financial accounts.

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