Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Enterprises TV and How to Keep Debit Card Info Safe

Set up text alerts for debit card accounts

Debit cards are convenient and almost all of us have one. But they are more susceptible when a retailer is hacked and personal information is stolen. Enterprises TV shares how to keep debit card information safe.

There have been many high end hack attacks on major U.S, retailers in the last year. While we like to think that corporate entities are well protected against data theft, we are learning that they are not. Below, we share information we learned on how to protect debit cards.

Use a credit card instead of a debit card. User’s have a longer period of time to report a fraudulent charge on a credit card versus a debit card. And the liability amount is greater. Debit card financial backers usually only give the account holder two days in which to file the claim, and the account itself is in jeopardy.

If using a debit card, choose to sign the transaction at the point of sale rather than entering a PIN. It better protects you. Prepaid debit card holders may have to pay a dollar more for this as it is considered making a credit payment and not a debit payment. Just do it and be safe.

Check bank statements regularly for small but odd charges. Thieves test stolen cards with small charges at first. If something looks odd, report it ASAP. Enterprises TV suggests signing up for account alerts. These can be sent via text or in email. Set parameters for spending alerts in dollar amounts or specific to a geographic area. Pay attention to them.

Change passwords regularly using a combination of phrases, small letters, numbers, symbols and capital letters. Change security questions and make up fake answers for them. Protect debit card accounts from data hacks today and sleep better tonight.

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