Thursday, July 7, 2016

Enterprises TV Relays How Smart Phones Can Be Hacked

Smart phones can be hacked and most of us don’t know it even happened. Here’s how to stay on top of smart phone and mobile device security, both with personal and business devices.

Security and Safety Tips

Cloud-based programs are generally good, secure virtual “filing cabinets” for documents, maps, blueprints, photos, and much more. They can also be easy access storage sites for hackers. Be sure your Cloud service has strong security steps in place for you and for them. Also, never save sensitive data where others can open it, view it, and share it without your permission.

Email, contact names and phone numbers, places visited, and location identifying services are all prime for cyber thieves. These are the items that are the most valuable. Unless you really need to use GPS services, turn off location identification and places visited apps on social networks. Also, don’t use unsecure Wi-Fi. Shop for personal Wi-Fi devices which most digital and smart phones come with these days.

Risk Reduction

Even corporate smart phones and digital devices are not 100 percent secure. When assigned these devices, ask what processes are in place to keep all communication secure. Only use these devices for business, and not personal matters. Any function, contact, email or website visited is subject for Information Technology departments, supervisors, managers and CEOs to view. Enterprises TV urges consumers to be careful using smart phones and devices at all times.