Monday, June 27, 2016

Enterprises TV Summarizes Affordable Retirement Cities

Retirement is a milestone event in people’s lives. It marks the time when workers prepare to leave a lifetime of working to spend their rest of the lives relaxing and doing what they want. The economy has not been all that kind or generous to most people. The recent British vote to leave the European Union sent most people’s retirement account savings into a minor free fall. But as time progresses, these funds and others will settle. With that in mind, Enterprises TV summarizes affordable cities for retirees.


There are many great cities in the U.S. to consider for retirement. Some have year-round good weather, plenty of activities for older generations, continuing education classes, and more. Some cities have these aspects. Below is what makes some cities more affordable than others:
  • Housing costs
  • Cost of living
  • State tax burden
  • Free or low-cost activities
  • Good, reliable public transportation

Des Moines Iowa,

Great, Affordable Cities

Scottsdale, Arizona – Great weather all year round, affordable cost of living, great activities for seniors, and it is a tax-free state.

Sarasota, Florida – Tax-free state, excellent weather all year, low cost of living, arts, golf, boating, sailing, hiking and other fun activities are in abundance. One caveat: southeast and southwest Florida are becoming more populated and more crowded.

Des Moines, Iowa – Despite the cold, snowy winters, this city has a low crime rate, low cost of living, and great health care services. Its cost of living is very low making it quite affordable.

Arlington, Virginia – It is an expensive place to live, but it is a great place for health care services, cultural activities, affordable, reliable public transportation, being walkable, and having great health care services.

These are not the only cities in the U.S. which are great places for retirement living. The one which is best for you is the one that offers you most of what you need and want in life. It’s never too early to start looking.