Monday, June 6, 2016

Enterprises TV Reveals the Top Tech Features for Smart Homes

Smart homes are more common right now, and will be in the foreseeable future. But what makes a smart home smart? What tech or digital features are the most common?

A study from Coldwell Banker found that 45 percent of Americans own some kind of smart home technology, and 33 percent of the real estate agents report “smart” homes sell faster than homes without the technology.

One of the most requested tech services homeowners look for is temperature control. Smart thermostats regular room and home temperatures from the time the residents go to bed, wake up, and leave for work. Smart thermostats are energy and money savers.

Home security is another digital tool that homeowners want. Everyone wants to feel and be safe in their homes. Security alarms and cameras certainly add to the feeling of security. Some systems can unlock doors remotely from a short distance away by smart phone app.

Automatic lighting is another feature consumers look for when thinking of a smart home purchase. The ability to be able to turn inside and outside lights on at set times is great feature to personal safety and security.

Enterprises TV notes that in-home safety is another tech feature worth investing in. When smoke detectors, carbon monoxide and other noxious fumes alerting systems work, families are saved from illness and even death. Alerts can be programmed to connect with smart phones, thus giving the homeowner more control and options for notifying emergency responders.

Smart home technology is a hot feature in the real estate industry. It regulates energy costs and makes homes and the people in them feel more safe and secure.