Friday, November 20, 2015

Enterprises TV Reviews the Basics of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming a more popular and mainstream way for small businesses to get ahead. Enterprises TV reviews the basics.

One of the main guidelines for mobile marketing is to be sure company webpages load easily on digital devices. When consumers visit the website on a smart phone, they expect the landing page to roll out easily and be easy to navigate. Pages that are not optimized for mobile devices are abandoned and are the sales consumers make on them. Test all pages of the website on smart phones and tablets.

Consumers are looking for discounts and coupons sent via email or text message. But “pushing” too many of them in short periods of time annoys customers, who end up unsubscribing to the email or text notification. This can result in loss of sales. Stick to one note or text per week.

The Enterprises TV show also suggests respecting customer privacy. Be sure the privacy policies are easy to find on websites and are easily viewed on mobile devices. Direct marketing messages to only those who have opted in for them.

Mobile marketing should be integrated in with all other marketing campaigns such as direct mail. A successful holiday shopping season is right around the corner when several methods of advertising are utilized. There are more consumers shopping via mobile and digital devices today than before. Take advantage of it.