Monday, November 9, 2015

Enterprises TV Relays the Top Ten States for Entrepreneurs

America is the land of opportunity for entrepreneurs. Enterprises TV reviews the top ten states which are the best places to open a new business.

GOBankingRates, a financial company, ranked US states on criteria that included startup opportunities, existing small businesses, business tax climate, among other factors. The results from their research found the top ten states for entrepreneurs. It might be worthwhile to look into each state to see if this is where you want to open up shop. Each of the 10 mentioned have strong culture of entrepreneurship, high numbers of small businesses and a good survival rate. Small business lending is also flush in these states.

Washington – The Northwest state has the largest number of available employees that are well-educated, willing and able to work.
Wyoming – The state has the best business tax climate of all US states.
California – Highest business survival rate with more businesses created than closed.
Colorado – More small businesses than most other states. Better business survival than other states.
Oregon – Good small business lending ratio compared to other states.
Texas – Most affordable place to live and start your own company.
Delaware – High rate of graduating college students which makes hiring nicer and easier.
Massachusetts – Has the highest business survival rate in the nation. Hard to fail here.
Montana – Most amount of start-ups per capita.
Missouri – Fourth highest business survival rate in the country.

The Enterprises TV show recommends aspiring entrepreneurs take a look at these states a little more closely if interested. They offer the best available options for starting a new business and being successful in the long run.