Monday, August 31, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Highlights Best States for Driving

Drivers in most parts of the U.S. know which states are the best and worst for driving. Some states are better for drivers and this is due to having more space to commute. The Enterprises TV show shares which states are the best for drivers.

Personal finance website ran a study using criteria such as cost of driving, safety and overall driving experience, cost of gas, insurance and repairs, number of auto thefts per 100,000 people, number of fatal crashes and time spent on the road. How dense the population was played a major factor in commute time the rate of auto theft.  That said, of all 50 states, these five ranked the best in almost all of the above mentioned categories:

Idaho – This very spacious state has short commute times, low insurance costs, lower gas costs, repair bills and less fatal car crashes than any other state. There is a vast amount of wide open space for drivers to make good time getting from point A to B without many hindrances.

Vermont – On the other side of the country, Vermont ranks very high on the Bankrate survey. Vehicle insurance costs are less than other states, it is a safe place to park a car without fear of theft, there are less fatal crashes than other states and commuting is relatively a breeze.

Wyoming – Motorists in this state spend less time commuting per week than other states. Vehicle theft rates are not that high and fatal cat crashes barely seem to be occurring. It is a wide, open state.

Wisconsin – Another wide, open state, Wisconsin has better commute times than the rest of the country, even in the Milwaukee. Vehicle insurance is lower here than other states, as it vehicle theft rates and fatal crashes.

MinnesotaEnterprises TV notes that short commute times and low gas expenditures put this state in the top five. Other favorite factors include low theft and fatal crash