Monday, July 13, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Weighs In on Coal Versus Renewable Energy

The world is choosing renewable energy over coal-generated energy.

Coal is an old-fashioned American way to generate power. In light of newer environmental laws, coal is on its way out. Natural gas is in and is becoming more popular. It’s cleaner and a healthier to work with than dusty coal.

Coal used to be the cheapest commodity. However, it was not cheap to the people who lost relatives in coal mine disasters and to lung-rated cancers caused by the dust coal kicked up. US power plants used coal to generate power. Now, they are switching to natural gas which is cleaner fuel. Americans and American power plants want more sources of renewable energy. We seek personal hybrid vehicles, ride city buses utilizing cleaner fuels, seek an estimate on solar roof panels to warm showers and homes.  We are deeply embedded in recycling everything we possibly can. But some homes and businesses are still provided with electricity generated by coal. The Enterprises TV show notes that the price is coal is getting cheaper since it is not so much in demand as it was in previous years. Renewable energy is on the rise and in strong demand.


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