Monday, July 27, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Reviews the Five Top Smaller Cities for Businesses

Big cities can be great places for any business. But sometimes, the smaller cities are even better. The Enterprises TV show reviews the top five smaller cities for businesses.

Small cities have big advantages over larger metro areas. The cost of living is more affordable, real estate if more affordable, there are fewer businesses to compete with, and the services catering to businesses are able to take care of the customers better. Alpharetta, Georgia is a great smaller city outside of big sister Atlanta. It has lovely affordable homes and a thriving business community. On the other side of the country, Redmond, Washington is a good north western city to consider to opening up shop. It is not as populated as Seattle and has enough tech companies in town to take care of any possible need. Unemployment is low there also. Wilmington, Delaware is a mighty, powerful small city that brims with energy and success. Troy, Michigan and Minnetonka, Minnesota also make the top five.

The Enterprises TV show realizes what makes these cities great for business is their strong local economies, easy access to larger cities and its resources, and more affluent customers. Small cities are towns are perfect locations for new businesses. There are more customers in suburbia than in the big city.

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