Friday, July 10, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Reveals How to Get Home When Flights are Canceled

Bad weather, bad behavior and bad equipment can all affect your flight. All it takes is one incident to cancel or delay the flight you are on. The Enterprises TV show reveals how to get home when your flight is canceled.

What can be more discouraging then learning your flight home is canceled. Long lines at the airline’s check in desks can frustrate anyone. Savvy travelers know how to avoid this and get themselves on another flight. So should you.

Before leaving for the airport, program the airline’s customer service or loyalty phone number into your smart phone. Start calling ASAP and stay on the line until someone answers.  Work with the agent to find a suitable flight, even it means arriving at a different airport close to your destination.

If the airline’s mobile app is already on your smart phone, use that to book another flight.

If the flight is canceled due to fumes in the aircraft, mechanical difficulties, fire from an engine, or any reason which the airline can control, do not accept a voucher. Airline passengers do have rights and one of those is to more compensation than a free meal in the airport or a free domestic ticket.  Keep hold of all boarding passes, take note of all updates and conversations with any airline rep. Use a service such as to help getting a refund or other compensation for the hassle of a canceled flight.  Enterprises TV wants readers to get home safely and knowing their rights as an airline passenger.

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