Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Reveals How to Save Money to Stash Away

There are very simple and painless ways to cut back on regular expenses to save money for emergency savings, retirement or that dream vacation, which the Enterprises TV show shares.

Why does every weekly trip to the supermarket seem like it costs more each time? Forgo the weekly shopping event and join a bulk club like BJ’s or Costco. Better yet, go with a friend who has the membership and get what you need for the next two weeks to a month. This can save a great deal of money on gas and the cost of the goods which can be stashed into savings.

We like to be in control of our destiny and that means we prefer to drive ourselves to work. In some cities where public transportation is not good, it is better to drive to work than take the bus lines. If the public transportation system is good, why not use it? A monthly pass is a lot more cost efficient than the price of gas, insurance and maintenance on the vehicle. And the ride is more relaxing too.

Speaking of vehicles: need a new one? Why not buy a used one instead? Good deals can be found in every city in the US for reliable previously owned ones. Insurance may also be less for these cars.

The Enterprises TV show also suggests taking time to look through the items at clothing and furniture re-issue stores such as Good Will, Salvation Army and Habitat Re-Store.

The money saved from trying one of these methods is worth a shot. Stash it in whichever account needs to the most help – usually a retirement account.

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