Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Highlights the Benefits of Virtual Workers

Today’s business world is global, digital and well-connected. Virtual offices and workers are found on every continent performing a myriad of services. The Enterprises TV show highlights the benefits if virtual workers for both employee and employer.

Virtual employees or tele-commuters are people who work from home offices around the world. They get all of their work done and completed on time. They are engaged with other staff and their supervisors. They utilize apps which organize projects, chart tasks, and communicate with other people. People who work remotely tend to be more loyal and work harder than those in a traditional brick-and-mortar environment. Without the commute to work, the work day starts sooner. It is more pleasant. People who prefer to work offsite can find  many good options on websites such as FlexJobs and on recruiter websites for creatives.

Employers who hire remote employees gain hard workers. Other benefits for the employer are less physical office space is needed therefore reducing that overhead cost. Employers can hire someone who is a best fit for the job who may live hundreds of miles away from any physical site. The Enterprises TV show encourages employers to consider the benefits of hiring a virtual worker.


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