Monday, May 11, 2015

The Enterprises TV Show Reviews Good and Bad Company Policies

Company policies vary depending on type of business and customer base. Some policies are quite strict while others can be a little more lenient. The Enterprises TV show reviews some of the good and bad company policies.

Company rules or guidelines on hair are generally based on the type of business. Restaurants require hairnets for both men and women to prevent hair from getting in a diner’s food. Mustache and beard hair is usually required to be trimmed to a specific length also to prevent it from trickling into a dish. Businesses which require clean, cut appearance also put some emphasis on having clean, well-styled hair. This all makes sense.

Dress codes are usually written into the employee handbook. Corporate offices can request staff to dress according to the type of business. Conservative establishments may require women to wear dresses and skirts below the knee and men to wear a coat and tie. If there is no customer or client contact, the dress code may be a little more relaxed. It makes sense to get a feel for how the staff dresses for work everyday during a job interview, or from viewing images of them online while in the office.

The Enterprises TV show notes that store return policies can sometimes go off the deep end. A few major retailers have a policy allow customers to return items without a receipt, bought at any time (and as far back as 6 years), and without any reason. These types of policies can compel those who wish to defraud stores of viable revenue. Better return merchandise policies require a receipt and some use digital tracking devices to be sure the merchant is not being taken advantage of.

Start-up companies might want to take the time to craft reasonable company policies for the issues that come up often: dress code, time off, returns, and non-compete agreements.

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