Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reduce the Total on Medical Bill with Enterprises TV

Medical bills are not small. One outpatient procedure that takes an hour or less can total thousands of dollars. Enterprises TV shares information about how to reduce the total of medical bills.

Get a jump on any possible medical bills by setting up an appointment with the medical professional’s billing manager. Discuss where the procedure will be done. Work towards using an in-network provider rather than an out of network provider. This will save some money since it is often more expensive to go out of network.

When the bill comes, offer a lower lump sum of cash instead of offering to make monthly payments. Most providers will accept this since it means a) they are getting paid and b) are assured they will get paid for the entire bill later.

The Enterprises TV show suggests going online to your health insurance company’s website to see if there is a way to check pricing on medical procedures and their costs. If not, here are three sites to look into:

Double check the CPT codes or the medical codes on the bill before paying. Errors can happen. If there is a discrepancy, call the billing manager and ask for a new bill with the correctly coded items and charges.

Of course, be courteous on the phone with anyone you talk to. No one likes to be treated rudely. Pay the bill on time after checking everything out.  Late payments do show up on credit reports. Get on top of any and all medical bills and reduce the total before the bill becomes overdue.

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