Monday, April 20, 2015

The Enterprise TV Show Offers Sustainable Business Tips

As Earth Day 2015 approaches, the Enterprises TV show offers tips to make businesses more sustainable and Eco-friendly.

There are a great many steps business owners can take to ensure business as a whole and the workplace are environmentally sound and sustainable for the future. The amount of effort and money invested in green practices is dependent on what wants to be accomplished. In many cases, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to make a few swaps in the office or warehouse.

  • Keep shipping boxes and reuse them.
  • Choose recycled paper products versus others.
  • Swap standard bathroom fixtures with low-flow toilets and motion-sending faucets.
  • Bring in your own coffee mug to use instead of paper cups, which when thrown out, fill and landfills. 
  • Set all computers, printers, scanners, etc on energy settings and plug them into a power strip. Turn the power strip off in the evening.
  • Store all files if possible on storage drives or on the Cloud. Don’t print anything that does not need printing. Files for presentations can be emailed to participants instead of printed and handed out.
  • Open the blinds and let the sunshine in. It boosts mood and productivity, as well as save on overhead florescent lights.
  • Speaking of which: the Enterprises TV show also suggests replacing florescent lights with compact florescent lights or even the lower-energy using LED lights.

Find more imaginative ways to save energy and adopt sustainable business practices.