Thursday, April 30, 2015

Enterprises TV Examines Small Business Traits

Small Business Week is May 4 to 8.  There are 28 million small businesses in the USA as of 2012. Nearly all of these have less than 100 employees. Enterprises TV looks at the traits small businesses have and need.

America is an enterprising and creative country where almost anyone can start their own business. Ours is the land of the free and with that comes the freedom to open shop and ply our unique trades. Small businesses usually make it within three years of opening. But to have longevity, there are some traits the business should possess:

An up-and-coming business needs to find its own niche. Perhaps there is no other business in the area like it. Maybe its selling something no one else has but people need. Find that niche.

A strategic business plan is essential in running a small business. There must be a road map to follow. When times are tough, business is slow or the economy tanks, the business plan can provide direction and determination.

Hiring the right people to help grow the business is essential. A sole proprietor may be able to keep things going for a little while. Eventually though, more help is needed.

Marketing will be a trait small businesses need. Social media is a good place to start. Advertise services and products, upload images and share it with everyone. The Enterprises TV show also suggests community newspapers. These are the free to low-cost ways to get the word out.

Small businesses are the backbone of the country. Part of the American dream is to own your own business. And there are more people doing this and being successful at it every day.