Friday, October 24, 2014

The Enterprises TV Show Shares Good Financial Tips

At some point in our lives, someone may give us some financial advice that is not so good. It’s what we do with that advice that defines out financial responsibility. The Enterprises TV show shares some good and bad financial tips.

Credit cards can be a good resource when making travel arrangements and making online purchases. It’s a good idea to have a few. The plastic cards are bad only when we go on a wild shopping spree and don’t pay them off. The best advice we’ve heard is charge only one-third of the credit limit and pay it off every month.

Mad money is a little bit of cash we use for fun purchases and the occasional splurge. Everybody needs to have a little monetary cushion to get that one thing they really want. Never be so strict with a budget that there is no room for a little indulgence.

Retirement may be a long way off for some or right around the corner for others. How much we save for it and have taken out of income depends on how old we are. The best advice we heard is 10 percent is fine for the younger generations, but those in their 40s and 50s need to sock away more.

Owning a home is the American dream. The Enterprises TV show knows that for some people owning a home is just not a good idea. If we’re in a job that is not that secure, buying a home is not such a good idea. If our job is steady, then maybe it is.

Not all financial advice is suited for everybody. Ask someone trusted and the information given will be more suitable for individual needs.

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