Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Enterprises TV Reveals How to Save When Setting Up a Home Office

More Americans are choosing to work from home than an office whether it is a few days a week or a remote position. To do that, they need a home office and one which is affordable to set up and maintain. Enterprises TV offers suggestions.

Most work from home people will spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. It pays to spend a little more on a chair which is comfortable and supportive so an aching back is avoided by the end of the day. A sturdy desk space is also needed whether it is a folding table, formal office desk or something one puts together.

Avoid spending too much money on drawer if the desk doesn’t have any. There are many stackable drawer options sold at discount stores which work just as well. Plus they are mobile. Roll a set of three or four drawers under the desk or in a closet to give more space to work and be organized.

Adequate lighting is essential. Sure, the sun during the day can provide good lighting. But as it moves, the light in the home office dims. Scour weekly sale ads for good desk lights and ones which fit needs best.

A few essentials to be organized and efficient are needed, and can be found for very little money. Staples, a stapler, scissors, ruler, tape and tape dispenser are all handy to have and cost very little. Stock up when these items go on sale right before school starts.

The Enterprises TV show also recommends upgrading an old printer to a newer model. Choose one which is wireless and has all the functions needed. Get a two-pack of toner and a spare.

These few items will help the telecommuter save money when setting up a home office.

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