Thursday, June 5, 2014

Enterprises TV with Networking Tips for Busy Professionals

Networking is probably the last thing on a busy professional’s to do list. But it is something useful, valuable and needed. Enterprises TV offers some networking tips for busy professionals to help stay in the loop.

Set a visual or audible reminder when it’s time to reconnect with people outside of the office. Relationship building takes times and care. We should be interested in what the other person’s is doing and has accomplished. We should be able to know when it’s a good time to ask for advice, give feedback or simply catch up.

Organize the contacts from networking sites. Edit the groups and organizations and trim them if needed. Focus on who or what is needed from each one. Add new contacts, reach out and introduce yourself. If the sound of “networking” sounds onerous, think of it as reconnecting with interesting people instead.

Enterprises suggests following up to just say hello and find out what’s new. If contact hasn’t been made in a while, refrain from asking for anything. Take it easy and don’t overwhelm the other person with note after note. Try connecting with three people or groups per week. It won’t be so overwhelming then.

Networking takes time and this might not be something a busy professional can spare. But the key to making is successful is to prioritize it, organize it and manage it well.

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