Monday, June 9, 2014

Enterprises TV Reports on the EPA Emissions Report

When it comes to continuously clean air, Vermont beats all the other states. Enterprises TV shares news from a recent EPA report on emissions.

The new emissions limits for power plants in operation, the first one ever to rein-in carbon dioxide, was released with great fanfare by the Environmental Protection Agency. Its goal is to reduce emissions over the next 15 years. The agency is working toward a 30 percent drop below the 2005 levels. Along those lines, it published a report which shows where each state ranks in terms of emissions. The top five states which need to crack down on them are: Washington, Arizona, South Carolina, Oregon and New Hampshire. The five states which do not take any action or very little action are: Vermont, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Maine, and Hawaii.

Coal burning plants are one of the emission-producing culprits. Many states are taking active and aggressive steps to switch from using coal and fossil fuels as energy to the more environmentally-friendly nuclear, hydropower, wind and biomass. The Enterprises TV show believes that with responsive management, our atmosphere will become cleaner. The national agency is also giving states credit for implementing green policies. Nationwide, it wants to see a 30% drop below the 2005 levels. In order for consumers to do their part, auto makers will have to lower the price on green cars, SUVs and trucks to make them more affordable for the general public.

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