Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Enterprises TV Announces That, According to Science, We Shouldn't Be Here

We at Enterprises TV are quick to note that we love science.  Nothing is more fascinating that to find out some cool, new fact about the world we live in and the Universe that surrounds us.  But science isn't perfect; we don't know it all.  According to principals of physics and aerodynamics, a bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly.  But somebody forgot to tell that to the bumble bee, as he buzzes from flower to flower.  Now, the math has told us that the Universe, as we know it, should not exist.  What's next?  Oh wait ... that takes care of everything else, there is nothing left after that.  Many of us have made a math mistake with our tax returns that made it all look like gloom and doom for a few minutes, but once we found the glitch, things usually swung the other way.

Enterprises TV points out that science doesn't always get it right.

The Enterprises TV show has learned that researchers at King's College in London have done the math, crunched the numbers and arrived at the conclusion that The Universe we live in should not exist.  Immediately after the initial Big Bang, the math indicates, everything should have collapsed together again.  While obviously this didn't happen, it is intriguing to know what this means to our understanding of the Universe and its inherent stability.  Using the BICEP2 telescope in Antarctica, scientists spotted some faint fluctuations in the background microwave radiation that permeates everywhere.  These subtle indications could mean a number of things which, once they combine it with other evidence (like the fact that we're here, for example), they'll no doubt know more about the origins of the Universe than they did yesterday.

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