Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Workers and Unhappy Workers Live Here –Enterprises TV

San Jose, CA is the happiest city to work in

CareerBliss released its list of the happiest cities and unhappiest cities for workers. Is yours on either list? Enterprises TV breaks down the two lists below:

All of the cities below we ranked on the same criteria: relationship with the boss and co workers, work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks, and control over the work done on a daily basis.

Happiest Cities to Work In
San Jose, VA and vicinity
Washington, DC
San Francisco, CA and vicinity
Las Vegas, NV
Salt Lake City, UT
Houston, TX
Boston, MA and vicinity
Philadelphia, PA
San Diego, CA
Charlotte, NC

Unhappiest Cities
Cincinnati, OH
Orlando, FL and vicinity
Indianapolis, IN and vicinity
Denver, CO and vicinity
Pittsburgh, PA
Tampa, FL
Columbus, OH
Sacramento, CA and vicinity
Fort Lauderdale, FL and vicinity
Arlington, VA

Enterprises TV notes that while Washington, DC made the happy list, its neighbor Arlington, VA did not. Also, there are three cities in Florida which made the unhappy list, including the one where this show is headquartered. Do you see the city where you work on either list? Let us know, please.

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