Monday, January 13, 2014

Enterprises TV with Lessons in Business for Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business is both exciting and frightening at the same time. At first, the business owner is doing it all. Enterprises TV shares advice from those who have learned the hard way how to get a new company off the ground without going crazy.

Start with a small team of trusted associates. No one can do it all. Business owners with families certainly cannot do it all. Seek out and hire a few more people to help keep the business running when you have to be someplace else.

Do one thing and do it well. Diversity is good but not when the business is young and still developing it main product or service. Listen to clients and customers when they provide feedback and fix what needs fixing.

Never undercharge for your product or service. It may seem like common sense to charge less in order to garner more orders. But undercharging may look like lack of confidence in the product or service. Charge what the product or service is truly worth. Enterprises TV also suggests getting paid before turning in the final product or service. Start a webpage on a private domain where clients and customers can see what the end product looks like. Watermark a graphic design to ensure legitimacy. Once the bill is paid in full, send the final product.

Be sure there is a clearly written and agreed upon contact before any work begins. This is applicable to anyone in any creative field like writers, and also for those providing a specific service. Be politely firm when hourly rates are offered and negotiate with your own well-being and that of your firm in mind. Enterprises TV believes when entrepreneurs have a solid business plan in place, success will follow. But it takes time and patience.

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