Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Enterprises TV Offers Office Wish List for 2014

The Enterprises TV Office Wish List is complied from sources on the web and what we see in our own work environment. If we missed anything, let us know. Below are a few things we wish for in 2014 for the office.

A truly communal kitchen or break room – Why not treat the office kitchen or break room as if it is the one from home? Clean up spills, wash your dishes, wipe the coffee creamer off the counter and clean up your own microwave and/or refrigerator spills. There are no maids here. We all want to use it but not at the expense of suffering with 5 days old dishes in the sink, boxes of frozen food stored in the freezer and smelly leftovers in the microwave.

Cell Phones – Please put cell phones on silent mode or at the very least, on vibrate. Co-workers around you cannot concentrate it your funny ringtones are ringing. If you must leave it on, turn the volume down and take the call into an empty office. The only people one needs to speak loudly to are the people with hearing loss. And about your kids – if they have to call you after each and every class, you are a helicopter parent whose rotors need removing.  Are you really getting any work done?

Personal comments/professional feedback – We all like to get the occasional kudos for a job well done. It’s also nice to hear something positive about an outfit worn. However, as close and friendly as co-workers can get, please keep dating comments and anything sexual to yourself. The office is no place for that kind of talk no matter how lax the management is. Professional feedback should be just that – professional. No worker should have to endure the silent treatment simply because the giver does not know how to give feedback. There are plenty of articles online which

Enterprises TV recognizes there are many diverse work environments in the US and around the world. But courtesy and respect for each other and for in subordinates is needed and wanted by everyone.

Clean up microwave spills, please.
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